Rename Nextcloud folder on a Mac

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OS: macOS 11.6.5 (Big Sur)

When setting up the desktop app for your Nextcloud, it will suggest to use a folder named „Nextcloud“, sitting inside your home folder. Maybe this is fine with you, maybe you want to use another name – especially if this is not your first or only Nextcloud instance you are using. If you do not take care for the name during setup, you maybe stuck with the suggested „Nextcloud2“, „Netzcloud3“, … It can be hard to remember which one is which. Now, usually this can can be fixed by deleting the Account from the Nextcloud app and starting over again with the setup process. This is of course especially nasty, if you have already synced a lot of data.

Here is how you can change this afterwards:

*** As always: make a backup of your data, before trying this. I am not responsible, if you loose data ***

1) Stop the Nextcloud app

2) Open the nextcloud.cfg file at ~/Library/Preferences/Nextcloud/ (use a text editor like TextEdit or BBEdit)

3) Look for the actual path to your Nextcloud folder you want to rename, something like ...\localPath=/Users/yourusername/Nextcloud/

4) Rename to ...\localPath=/Users/yourusername/NewFolderName/ and save file

5) Rename your Folder accordingly

6) Start up the Nextcloud app