.NET MAUI: Testing with xUnit

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To use xUnit for testing your MAUI projects, do the following steps:(Note: I am using Visual Studio on a Mac) Add test projectRight-click on your solution and choose Add > New Project … > xUnit Test Project (you can search for that) > Create Reference main project in test projectIn the test project, add a reference to your main project:… Read more »

.NET MAUI: The type or namespace name ‚Resources‘ does not exist …

This error causes me problems regularly. Example: I use the LocalizationResourceManager.Maui NuGet package to make my app multilingual. I therefore add a folder „Translations“ and in this some resx resource files. When I want to set up the LocalizationResourceManager in the MauiProgram.cs file, it tells me, that it can not find the Translations folder, if I start to type using… Read more »

.NET MAUI: Use Font Awesome Icons in your project

Maybe you want to use some icons in your project like so: To do that, you need to do the following steps: 1) Select the Font Awesome icon set you wish to use and download the OTF https://fontawesome.com/download 2) Add the font file to your projects /Resources/Fonts folder 3) Add the font info to your MauiProgram.cs: Set the Build Action… Read more »

.NET MAUI: Make your app multilingual

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I am currently working on a students project, comparing native iOS development with MAUI (Multi-platform App UI). When searching for a simple solution to make the app react to changes to a devices language settings, I found this great NuGet package from András Tóth. To change the language according to the device language on App startup, I use this code… Read more »

.NET / C# Error on Mac: Failed to sign apphost … requires at least macOS12.0 …

Now, I am still on my „old“ MacBook Pro 11,1 – and I am back to Big Sur. Monterey installed fine, but sleep / wake up didn’t work normally, so I reverted back to Big Sur. That being said – I am now very soon two OS iterations behind and I may have to think about a new machine …… Read more »

Install macOS Monterey on MacBook Pro 11,1

I own a MacBook Pro 11,1 (Late 2013) with an i7 CPU (2,8 GHz) and 16 GB memory. A machine perfectly capable of running Big Sur. Why should it not run Monterey as well? Well, because Apple decided so. Fortunately there is OpenCore Legacy Patcher. Find the download, as well as very good instructions here: https://dortania.github.io/OpenCore-Legacy-Patcher/ There is only one… Read more »