Worst packaged product ever

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These days I ordered a power meter to check the power consumption of my new server (and to be able to compare it to other devices previously used for those purposes). I chose a brand that is quite well known, the product was one of the most inexpensive though. Product reviews attested good functionality, but complained about the small display, which is not well readable under certain circumstances. I can confirm all of this, the Brennenstuhl PM231 does the quite the job for me, but there is one thing that drove up my blood pressure to unhealthy heights. Its the packaging.

OK, this kind of heat-sealed blister might be cheap and therefore match this price sensitive product, but I just can’t imagine a manufacturer want you to beginn your product experience with a violent opening process that is necessary to husk out the product from a rigid plastic shell.

Power meter package

The process involves the use of sharp tools and therefore contains a great risk of injuring yourself.

Power meter package and manual

The included manual has the size of a daily newspaper. Fortunately its also available as download.