New: EmK Esslingen Podcast

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When listening to Podcasts from Metaebene, sooner or later you will hear about Podlove Publisher. Having used WordPress for podcasting more than 10 years ago (with some podcast plugin I really don’t remember), I was curious, if Podlove would prove, what its enthusiastic creators promised. The idea to offer a podcast for my churches service, or for the sermon to… Read more »

Neue Parkbänke braucht die Stadt

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Eine Sache, die mich in Esslingen in den letzten Jahren immer wieder geärgert hat: Dinge werden nicht repariert, sondern stattdessen außer Betrieb genommen. Wie zum Beispiel die Rolltreppen an der Unterführung in der Pliensauvorstadt. Umso mehr war ich heute verwundert zu sehen, dass es in der Esslinger Innenstadt offensichtlich neue Parkbänke gibt. Hier wurden unsere Steuergelder also mal für etwas sinnvolles ausgegeben.

New project: Linux home server in PowerMac housing

My home IT has grown to become a confusing structure of devices and disks, attached to each other and synced and backed up in a crisscross way: Now, for a more straightforward solution I could have just bought a dedicated NAS or even a Home-RAID system, which bring along some apps and possibilities to even access your data on the… Read more »

Schöne neue Welt

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Ich mag Technik. Ich nutze selbst eine Apple Watch. Manchmal ist mir aber durchaus ein wenig mulmig, wenn ich daran denke, dass ich einer großen US-Firma meine Daten anvertraue. Deshalb nutze ich seit einiger Zeit auch quasi keine Google Produkte mehr (die Story folgt noch … beizeiten – versprochen). In den USA gibt es jetzt eine Uni – und es… Read more »

Raspberry Pi 2 as TimeMachine Backup Server (TimeCapsule)

Based on this blogpost (DE) I set up a TimeMachine Backup Server on a Raspberry Pi 2. The V2 has enough processing power and RAM to serve this purpose well. The guide is well written, though some things need to be changed to make it work and run stable: 1) Use ext4 as filesystem for the backup disk. Sure you can install… Read more »

Bernard Allison @Dieselstrasse

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Tonight, famous blues guitar player Bernard Allison rocked the house in Esslingen. He is a regular guest in Dieselstrasse and I saw him quite some times, but this was sure one of the best performances I attended. Playing new and old stuff from his own repertoire was rounded up by pieces from Freddy King, B.B. King, his father Luther Allison… Read more »