F**k the network effect – 2 years without WhatsApp

The time I started using WhatsApp, most people were still using SMS and a lot of folks in my circle of friends even didn’t own a smartphone. It was the time they saw a geek in me, just because I owned an iPhone (must be somewhat in 2009).

Some years later, WhatsApp had become a bag of pain. First, with the web growing into a place that had proven to be not so free and save as we thought it was in the first place, the company didn’t keep up with the security and privacy needs that some people actually had – even pre-Snowden.

Secondly, one was „entertained“ on a weekly basis with stuff like „You have to do this or that to prevent from being blocked from WhatsApp, and if you do, your WhatsApp icon will change to blue“. I just couldn’t prevent people from reposting that kind of stuff and spamming my phone.

Speaking of flooding my „input channels“, last not least, WhatsApp groups came into vogue, spreading nothing but worthless chitchat from people who seem to be bored most of their leisure time.

So I decided to delete my WhatsApp account. About two weeks before the acquisition by Facebook was announced. But that was just a coincidence …

What is the conclusion after 2 years without WhatsApp? It’s so easy: Life just goes on. Some times I encounter a lack of understanding when I admit, that I DO NOT use WhatsApp. Some of my friends just recently bought a smartphone, and while in seventh (Whats)App heaven, they just can’t imagine how one could not use is … but I can live with that.