New: EmK Esslingen Podcast

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When listening to Podcasts from Metaebene, sooner or later you will hear about Podlove Publisher. Having used WordPress for podcasting more than 10 years ago (with some podcast plugin I really don’t remember), I was curious, if Podlove would prove, what its enthusiastic creators promised.

The idea to offer a podcast for my churches service, or for the sermon to be more specific, came early when I took over the job as webmaster. I did a sermon podcast earlier in another congregation before they switched to video publishing. I still prefer the audio format for this kind of content, as it can be consumed during activities that doesn’t allow for looking into a screen, like a car ride.

So, this is it:

Emk Esslingen Predigt Podcast

The ZeroGravity theme fits our officials site design quite well * and the front end, provided by Podlove Publisher, is lean and elegant and I can imagine that even people, who are not that geeky and technophile can handle this well. Setup and maintenance of the backend, as well as adding new episodes is not too hard, once you digged in a bit, all this stuff is well documented.

I am really excited, that software like the Podlove Publisher is offered for free. So, if you like listening to podcasts and if you want to support a good tool that help the ones that provide content, you can do this here.

*) In the meantime, the Podcast section has been integrated in the regular WordPress church site, using a specialized theme (see here).