New project: Linux home server in PowerMac housing

My home IT has grown to become a confusing structure of devices and disks, attached to each other and synced and backed up in a crisscross way:


Now, for a more straightforward solution I could have just bought a dedicated NAS or even a Home-RAID system, which bring along some apps and possibilities to even access your data on the go.

But I like tinkering, and so I decided to do it on my own. Some time ago, I was given 3 old PowerMacs, two G4 Quicksilver and a G3 B&W, which for me, are still some of the most beautiful computers, real design icons. I decided to make the G3 B&W my home server, so I started to eviscerate the housing. The goal was, to do it in a way, to preserve everything for later restoration of the original condition, if – in 20 years or so – an original G3 Powermac would buy me a nice house or something 🙂
Powermac G3 Blue & White

Powermac G3 original inside view

Empty powermac housing

To be continued …